For over 20 years, Northside Paper & Packaging have specialised in the supply of products for washrooms and general sanitation areas. These products include toilet tissue, paper towel, facial tissues and wiping products. We also carry a large range of disposable paper and plastic products including a vast range of serviettes and packaging solutions for food manufacturers.

Our specialised range of products includes the enviro friendly printed and/or unprinted bags. For all cleaning needs, we also range our own branded and manufactured streak free glass cleaner solution together with a modest range of chemicals to suit a wide range of cleaning applications.

Encompassing the entire Sydney metro area and the Central Coast (NSW), Northside Paper & Packaging service a number of businesses including nursing homes, hospitals, industrial sites and major building offices, school canteens and delis. Northside products are also available for sale to the general public. For enquiries on how we may assist you with products and appropriate solutions for your business, please phone or email us at the contact details listed above.