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Northside Paper & Packaging offers unsurpassed customer service and cost effective washroom solutions.

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About Northside Paper & Packaging
For over 20 years, Northside Paper & Packaging have specialised in the supply of products for washrooms and general sanitation areas. These products include toilet tissue, paper towel, facial tissues and wiping products. We also carry a large range of disposable paper and plastic products including a vast range of serviettes and packaging solutions for food manufacturers.

Our specialised range of products includes the enviro friendly printed and/or unprinted bags. For all cleaning needs, we also range our own branded and manufactured streak free glass cleaner solution together with a modest range of chemicals to suit a wide range of cleaning applications.

Encompassing the entire Sydney metro area and the Central Coast (NSW), Northside Paper & Packaging service a number of businesses including nursing homes, hospitals, industrial sites and major building offices, school canteens and delis. Northside products are also available for sale to the general public. For enquiries on how we may assist you with products and appropriate solutions for your business, please phone or email us at the contact details listed above.

Business Hours
Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 4 pm
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Tork Washroom Systems
Tork® washroom systems provide you with so much more than just hygiene. Tork offers reliable, low-maintenance solutions with the best in hygiene standards for a wide variety of environments including the hospitality, healthcare and industry sectors.

Tork dispensers, tissues and cleansers are all designed to minimise consumption and waste. The stylish dispensers allow fast access and quick refilling to help create hygienic washrooms that deliver quality at a lower cost.

There are three sub-brands of Tork available depending on the price and quality of products your business needs.

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Product Range

Toilet Paper
Jumbo Roll System (T1)
Mini Jumbo Roll System (T2)
Jumbo Jnr Roll System (T21)
Folded Paper (T3)
Compact Roll Auto Shift (T6)
SmartOne (T8/T9)
Conventional Roll (T4)

Hand Wiping
Towel Roll System (H1)
Multifold System (H2)
ZigZag System (H3)
UltraSlim System (H4)

Soap Liquid System (S1/S2)
Foam Soap System (S4)
Spray Soap
System 1000

Facial Tissue
Facial Tissue

Air Freshener
Air Freshener (A1/A2)

Wiping & Cleaning
Wipers (W1/W2/W3/W4)

Wiping & Cleaning
Cloths (W1/W2/W3/W4)

Disposable Products